Welcome to the City of Puyallup’s online engagement site for the Knutson Farms Environmental Impact Statement project. The City is leading the development of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a proposed warehousing development on the approximate 162-acre Knutson Farm property located within unincorporated Pierce County. The EIS is an objective analysis of the likely environmental impacts of the proposal and measures to mitigate harmful impacts. We are committed to listening to our stakeholders and working with you to gather input to help inform the EIS. We’re glad you’re part of the conversation! Sign up for email updates.

Project updates

Updated December 2022

Project review is on-going internally at the city; traffic modeling is progressing as is revised assessment of the project draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). The DEIS is anticipated in summer 2023. Issuance of the DEIS will include opportunities for public review and comment, and scheduled public meetings to receive additional information and Q&A

Comments received during the scoping period were used to help identify possible areas of impact and to determine the extent of the EIS analysis. Thank you to those of you who shared your input.

The City of Puyallup released the EIS scoping report comment summary related and all comments received during the scoping comment period, available here:

Knutson Farms EIS Scoping Report 01/19/21

Appendix A – Knutson Farms Scoping Comments Received

Public comments most frequently received were related to the following topics:

  • Traffic impacts
  • Air quality
  • Development impacts on plants, animals and critical biological resources
  • The use of land for warehouses and loss of agricultural land

Description of proposal

The proposed development includes construction of a Level 8 Warehousing, Distribution and Freight Movement facility of up to 2.6 million square feet of building area. The project would include construction of seven warehouse buildings. Site work activities would include grading, paving parking and truck maneuvering areas, landscaping, water and sanitary sewer extensions, building a storm water facility, franchise utility improvements and roadway improvements.

Proposed Knutson Farms Industrial Warehouse site plan (2016)

SEPA checklist (2016)

To learn more and access publicly available materials, visit Pierce County PALS Online and search permit ID numbers 792206 and 792210.

Where is the project located?

The Knutson Farms site is 162-acres. The site falls outside of Puyallup’s city limits but is within its Urban Growth Area (UGA.)

Map of the Knutson Farm EIS project site and surrounding area. The project site is located in unincorporated Pierce County, bordered by Puyallup to the west and Sumner to the north. The project site is indicated on the map by a red star positioned just east of the intersection of East Main Avenue, Intel Avenue, and Shaw Road East. The Puyallup River is shown on the map, meandering generally from west to east. A more detailed map of the project area is included in the lower righthand corner. The detailed map indicates the proposed project area in contrasted shading, bordered by East Main Avenue, Intel Avenue, Shaw Road East, East Pioneer, and 8th Avenue Southeast. The proposed project area is adjacent to the Puyallup River, which runs to the east of the proposed project area. Van Lierop Park and the Foothills Trail East Puyallup Trailhead are indicated at the south end of the proposed project boundary.
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Environmental review

The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) is a state law that requires agencies to evaluate the likely environmental consequences of proposed development actions. SEPA provides direction for the environmental review process, including preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS) for certain projects.

The City of Puyallup, as lead agency, acknowledges that there is public interest and concern about the environmental impacts of implementing the proposed development plan (Proposed Action). Based on the level of concern and the potential for impacts that may occur with the implementation of the Proposed Action, the City has determined that a SEPA EIS will be prepared to study impacts regardless of whether such impacts may be significant.

Determination of Significance (second notice, 2020)

Appendix A – Knutson Farms Scoping Comments Received

Knutson Farms EIS Scoping Report 01/19/21

Knutson EIS Scoping Presentation

Knutson Farms EIS schedule

Fall 2020

  • Issue Second Request for Further Comments on Scope of EIS
  • EIS scoping

2021 through Spring 2023

  • Conduct fieldwork and impacts analyses
  • Prepare Draft EIS

Summer 2023

  • Issue Draft EIS
  • Draft EIS public comment period

Fall 2023

  • Prepare Final EIS
  • Issue Final EIS

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Your input is important and will help the project team make decisions through the EIS process.

EIS scoping comment period: November 17 – December 17, 2020

Draft EIS comment period: Anticipated for Summer 2023 – sign up to receive a notification when the comment period opens

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